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Looks like M$ backed the wrong format: Toshiba has stopped making them, as is Microsoft.

This puts the future of the X-Box 360 in question. Unless they add Blu-Ray support they're going to lose badly to the PS3 because they will be limited to just what they can fit into a regular DVD.

Looks like this may put the PS3 in second place instead of third....I think the Wii is probably going to be the winner of this generation. heh


Nov. 3rd, 2007 04:42 pm
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Why is it that religion and politics are the two subjects that turn otherwise intelligent people into total retards? Whenever religion is mentioned, people's IQ automatically drops and intelligent conversation becomes impossible. It's even worse when they try to talk about a religion that they don't know anything about. It's like trying to talk to people about Linux vs Mac vs Windows...or even what version of Linux to use. heh Goes back to religious holy wars. More and more these days it seems like whenever religion comes up, I just think more and more how bad of an idea it is. Why can't people just keep their beliefs to themselves and mind their own damn business?
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This is nuts...Disney Bridal?!? Basically...once again, you're paying more for it to have the Disney name on it...would you really want to choose your wedding dress based on a cartoon character? I'm not saying that the dresses themselves are necessarily bad (in fact, I kinda like some of them), it's just the fact that it's a Disney wedding gown. heh

And to explain how I found it...I was actually looking up something else on the Disney corporate website, and it was the first link in one of the columns. Being engaged and having started talking about wedding plans (no, the date is not anywhere close to being set yet), I was curious. heh

Big News!

Sep. 19th, 2007 10:18 am
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I didn't want to make posts about this before I knew anything, then I didn't have any time to actually update LJ, but anyway...I had a second interview last Wednesday and they offered me a job on my birthday. (That was a cool birthday present. heh) So basically...

I have a new job!!!!!!

Starting October 8 I will be working for a tech company called Tech Solutions in Salisbury. I'll be doing alot of tech support (phone and email), also repairs (on-site and in the office) and some graphic design. They won't be paying much more than I make now, but it's a stable job that I don't have to worry every year if it's going to be there next year. They also have lots of ways to get more money, through raises and incentives/bonus programs, so I could still end up making more money.

I'm going to continue to work for UMES part time, since I need the extra money still, but it will be great to get away from here. I've gotten so tired of everything here, it will be nice to get out and actually start working in my field again.

I'm going down there this afternoon to fill out some paperwork so that I can actually start on the 8th instead of having to spend most of that day doing the paperwork then.
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  • Zoo takes care of abandoned 2 month old Florida panther cub: With Excessively cute photo gallery Click here for gallery Be warned though...excessive feline cuteness)
  • Rare Asiatic Tiger cub born: Complete with more UBER cute kitty pictures. heh
  • USB Doomsday Hub: I want one of these. heh
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    I don't know if anybody has seen this strip yet
    Orochimaru...the Smooth Criminal

    It's pretty funny.
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    Define Irony...getting a head injury at a Red Cross Fund Raising Event.

    [ profile] ramothhe, [ profile] raithnor, and I went to Jolly Rogers Amusement Park and Splash Mountain in Ocean City, MD on Saturday for a Red Cross Fund Raising Event. We played some mini-golf, which I was totally off on my game and sucked horribly. (Not to mention the fact that I had the worst luck of hitting wrinkles in the carpet that lined the worst maintained mini-golf course I've ever seen.) Before we had even really gotten into the water park section, we were trying to put our stuff in a locker. Our first attempt failed, then as Russ was looking through his bag for quarters, I looked into the locker to check for the quarter that I had set on the shelf in the locker. thing about these lockers...they're spring loaded...and the spring is REALLY fast. This seems like a recipe for disaster...and it was. Russ moved his hand away from the door for a second, and the door swung closed really hard and hit me right in the head. It ended up making a small cut on my forehead. At first I didn't think it was bleeding, but after a second or 2 it started bleeding. I just pressed a towel against it and then put a band aid on it when it looked like the bleeding had stopped. After that, just went along with the rest of the day. The whole area around it was a little sore and bit tender for a few days, but surprisingly the water did not bother it at all. It really wasn't until that night when I was trying to sleep that I had problems with it. (I'd roll onto my left side, rest my head against the pillow, and it would start hurting...needless to say, I didn't get much sleep that night. heh)

    But Splash Mountain was alot of fun. Mattie rode water slides for the first time. I got to ride this really cool one that was "completely dark." (Not technically correct. There were actually holes and slots where light came in. You could also use the light to figure out when you were going to turn sideways. heh)

    After we were done at the water park, we all had a nice dinner with Mattie's mom at a nice Greek restaurant called Captain Pete's in Fenwick Island, DE. After dinner, I ended up having to run to Happy Harry's because I had managed to forget my contact case.

    The next day, Mattie, her mom, and I went to the beach for a little bit. Before Mattie and I headed back to Salisbury, we had lunch at this nice little cafe and then checked out this really neat shipwreck museum. It had artifacts from the Titanic, the Republic (another White Star liner that sunk in 1909), and many other ships. was a great weekend. It was nice to finally get to the beach...even if we were only there for a couple minutes. The best part was that it was warm and there was NO FOG! Every time I've been to Ocean City it has either been a) freezing, or b) there has been a significant amount of fog...even if it was bright and sunny when we first got there. One time it went from being super sunny and warm, to so foggy that you couldn't see 3 feet in front of you, all within about an hour or so.

    Maybe next time we'll go play Laser Tag now that I know where it is. heh
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    Huge Hole Found in the Universe

    This thing is nearly a BILLION light years across. I did wonder if it might possibly be the origin point for a "Big Bang" type event. If you think about it, everything in the universe is expanding and moving. Wouldn't it be logical that in time that things would have drifted away from the origin point? Or, alternately...that the force created by a "Big Bang" type event would have been so powerful that it would have created a dead area of space similar to this and on a similar scale. Just like a bomb going off would destroy the material closest to it and then send a shockwave out that pushes things out of its way. Since the energy that it would have released would have been so incredibly high, it would stand to reason that it would have pushed everything out.

    Either that or the Flying Spaghetti Monster reached in with its noodley appendages and ate everything.
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    I'm not all that thrilled with this book...or how it ended.

    She killed off way more people than she needed to...and the final fight was one of the single most anticlimactic fight scenes ever. (Behind War of the Worlds and Final Fantasy X's "zombify the boss and watch it kill itself with healing magic")
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    Well...I think the interview went pretty well this morning, though I'm not entirely sure how to read the guy I interviewed with to gauge the likelihood of getting hired. Amusingly, this is the second time that I've been interviewed by the head of an IT company instead of being interviewed by the normal HR person. The guy started the company while he was in college in 1999, so he's probably not that much older than I am. They were actually interviewing me for a Network Technician position that they are currently looking to fill. It would be great if they would hire me, even if it's just for the same amount of money that I'm making now. Now I need to wait and see if either place calls me back for a second interview. *crosses fingers and hopes for something good to happen*
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    Yes..wish me luck again. I have another interview tomorrow morning. I am even more nervous about this one. First's not's a tech company. It's for an entry level IT position in Salisbury. That means that there's going to be ALOT of people applying for it. Secondly...I'm not applying for this to be a second, part-time job. I'm applying in the hopes that I can get a full time job that is stable and at least APPEARS to be going to last for awhile. I'm hoping that it is going to go well. If they want to hire me, they offer benefits and pay higher than what I have now, I'm going to go for it. I'd also go for it if they have opportunity for raises, pay for certifications...both of which I don't actually get right now. heh

    I may hear back from Walgreens tomorrow, way or another I need to get some extra money. heh
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    Voltron gets green light for big screen movie

    Now, I think the idea of a Voltron movie is cool. We'll see how it turns out. What disturbs me are the titles that are listed at the end of the article...He-Man and Street Fighter. Now, the original He-Man movie was so bad it was great. Street Fighter on the other hand...was a horrible movie. It's a tragedy that it was Raul Julia's last film. It was occasionally so bad it was funny, but overall it was just bad. I mean, come on...Jean Claude Van Damme as the American Air Force fighter Guile? There were only a couple of characters who looked right...Cammy, Zangief, Vega, Ryu, and Ken. Granted, T. Hawk and Blanka could not POSSIBLY have been made to look like their game equivalents. (Well...Blanka could have, but it would've required a CG budget, which this film obviously did NOT have.) I don't know if they could've found anyone tall and lanky enough to play Sagat.

    Maybe they'll be able to do what Marvel is hoping to do with Captain America...put the old movie behind them and try to get people to forget about the one they made the first time. heh


    Aug. 9th, 2007 11:16 am
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    Haven't done a post like this for awhile. I may actually post about Otakon and the other trips I've been on recently. heh

    Quizzes )
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    I have an interview with Walgreens this afternoon. I'm not entirely sure which position I am being interviewed for because I applied for 3 different ones: 1) Pharmacy Technician (one that I have 4+ years of experience with), 2) Cashier (also, another position I have plenty of experience with), and 3) Photo Lab (not one I have experience with, but I could definitely learn. heh). I'm really nervous because a) Walgreens doesn't hire as many people as other companies do, b) I didn't get my Pharmacy Certification before I left Krogers, and c) I REALLY, REALLY need the 2nd job. I didn't sleep well at all last night. I had to sew 2 out of the 3 buttons on my suit coat back on because they had come off at the opening banquet at work a couple weeks ago. Given the problems my car has been having (see below), the problems at work, the problems with my apartment, and everything else going on...hopefully I've used up my bad luck for a little while and I'll have some good luck for this.

    I have to take my car to Pep Boys to get the Timing Belt and accessory belts replaced on Friday. I should also have them take a look at the fuel pump and stuff since the car has been acting funny after I fill the tank up. just over half a tank, when I go to accelerate the car will lurch, the check engine light will come on, and the car will have problems accelerating from a dead stop. I can turn the car off, turn it back on, and it will work fine. It's probably something that is a) going to be expensive, but also b) will cost a lot more to fix if I let it keep going and don't address the problem now. Overall, the car has served me well despite all the torture that I have put it through. The best part is that I just have about 4-5 more payments and it is paid off...making it 100% mine. ^_^
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    Well...I came home for lunch today and apparently I really AM the only one living in my apartment. The 4th bedroom was cleaned out today too. This means that 1) Cleaning out the freezer can be done now that I don't have to ask anyone if it's their stuff, 2) cleaning out the cupboards can be done as well for the same reason, and 3) unfortunately I'm going to have to deal with 3 new roommates at the same time. heh

    This means that tonight when I get off work tonight I'm going to empty out the freezer. I already emptied out the fridge, so only the freezer is left to clean out.

    EDIT: I wonder if Tyler KNOWS that he isn't living here anymore...I just saw his bag that he keeps his baseball gear in on the shelf in the laundry room. They did say that anyone whose lease was up July 31st would be removed today. Oh well...I'm still going to clean out the freezer, some of that stuff has been there for god only knows how long. heh
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    Ya seems somehow wrong that David Beckham is now playing for the LA Galaxy...but 2 things: 1) one person does not a good team make, and 2) given the Galaxy's record so far this year....they need all of the help they can get. heh
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    Well...I had my orientation on Monday for UMES....that was so incredibly boring and pointless. They didn't really provide any information to students, only to parents. (Assuming they actually said anything when the students all went over to do their scheduling.) My schedule is going to be really tough, but not impossible

    Here are the classes:
    Calculus I
    Psychology I
    Technical Writing
    Intro. Computer Programming
    First Year Experience

    The Introduction to Computer Program is the 2nd time I've taken a class with that name...but it's a completely different class. The class I took before was on BASIC (an appropriate language to use for an introductory course)...this class is on C++. Hopefully this one is actually C++ and now Visual C++ (or Visual C#). The first year experience is some stupid, 1 credit hour, 1 day a week class that all undergraduates coming into the university have to take. I've seen it at other schools as well.

    I wish this was going to be the toughest term, but unfortunately I have to take both Calculus I and II, Statistics, and Linear Algebra. Those are the hardest classes in my program. Everything else is some sort of programming and/or logic class. Apparently their classes on Operating Systems are a bit more in-depth than you would expect from a class of that name...even though it is a 400 level class...then again...they have Computer Networking as a 400 level class as well...and that's just the same thing that they taught in Networking 1 at Cincy State and Columbus State.
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    Accurate assessment of Apple's battery pricing...if you can't afford an $80 battery, you probably shouldn't be buying a $600 phone. Ubersoft has been doing a whole series of comics around the iPhone that are somewhat amusing.
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    On Monday I saw the new Transformers movie with [ profile] neosuboshi, my mom, my stepdad and my was totally kick-ass! I admit that I had my doubts about how good it was going to be, but it was awesome. It was great how they managed to work in little things from the original series/movie. The crowd started cheering when Optimus Prime transformed and Peter Cullen said who he was. They started cheering again (and finishing the line) when he said "One shall stand, one shall fall." I honestly expected them to lift the whole thing from the original movie. (Megatron responding with "Why throw away your life so wrecklessly" Prime: That is a question you should be asking yourself.) I was worried about how Bumblebee was going to be...but he was great. I liked how he talked in sound bytes. heh Frenzy was absolutely hilarious.

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    May. 24th, 2007 01:20 pm
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    Gmail has now increased their attachment size from 7MB to 20MB. That will make things MUCH easier to send files and have fewer split archives. heh
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