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neochichiri ([personal profile] neochichiri) wrote2009-06-12 06:11 pm

One REALLY weird conversation

This conversation started as a result of this PC mod.

I'm not sure what is more disturbing and/or creepy...the original idea...or the fact that within the course of 20 minutes I had though of ways to "improve" on it.

me (5:32:13 PM):
kel (5:32:38 PM): Ooh. I know where I'd put a usb port! Ha!
me (5:33:07 PM): Yeah. Surprisingly...there isn't one there....and I don't think that's where they put the power switch either
kel (5:33:23 PM): That's a shame. So many potential opportunities missed.
me (5:39:34 PM): Oh I'm thinking of how that thing could be enhanced to be more like a persocom...adding webcams behind the eyes, a speaker in the mouth, and a microphone somewhere in the head. heh
kel (5:40:16 PM): Oooh that would be epic
me (5:40:53 PM): I'm sure you could get some software that would combine the inputs from the two webcams, overlay them and remove the duplicate portions from one layer to create a panoramic view that would be similar to eyes.
kel (5:41:20 PM): Yes, i bet that could be done
me (5:48:24 PM): You could probably get a mannequin, gut the torso and put the entire thing in there, put a bluetooth/wireless combo card in it so you could use wireless keyboard and mouse and wireless internet, you could make little persocom-like ears and run extension cables to various places on the back of the head and neck to connect USB devices and video (or even better, just use a program like Remote Administrator to access it from another PC so you can set it away from the monitor), that way you could just open up the panels when you wanted to connect a device and not have the wires plugging into the body.
kel (5:49:13 PM): Ha and then scare people with your very own persocom! That would be brilliant. You could put the guts inside a Real Doll even for added scary factor
me (5:49:55 PM): There would really only be 2 problems: the biggest problem would be heat dissipation (PCs get hot, so the plastic might start to warp and deform), and the other problem would be power
me (5:50:59 PM): Yes, the real doll was my original idea, but I thought a) that's just fscked up, b) it's too expensive for a project like this, and c) I have no idea what those things are made of
me (5:51:29 PM): If you REALLY wanted to be a could get a sex toy and replace that area with the sex toy. heh
kel (5:51:52 PM): well true. But oddly I was thinking of realism/posability for once hah.
kel (5:51:55 PM): Hm... water cooled?
me (5:51:55 PM): But that is just wrong on SO many level. heh
kel (5:52:05 PM): it is. But a good place to put the power button.
me (5:52:42 PM): Actually...water cooled might not be a bad idea.
me (5:53:16 PM): I think I realize who persocoms are designed for: lonely, horny losers with no significant others
kel (5:53:42 PM): Or people who like dolls. which is often the same thing.
me (5:54:23 PM): Well...considering the fact that in Chobits they specifically talk about many persocoms being "fully functional"
kel (5:55:08 PM): Ha yes, it's bound to happen
me (5:56:01 PM): If you think about it, it wouldn't be that hard to develop a cooling system that would dissipate the heat throughout the "body" and make it seem like they were a real person with real body heat. (The dissipation over the entire body would reduce the computer's temperature to a much lower level. heh)
kel (5:56:36 PM): Yes, build a circulatory system of sorts, lots of little pipes
me (5:57:16 PM): Exactly...pretty much the way alot of liquid cooling systems work...they're pretty much like arteries. heh
kel (5:57:56 PM): Yeah. Just build her like you'd build a woman, So to speak
me (5:58:52 PM): Of course, it would have to be like a netbook or a Mac Air...there's really no place to put an optical drive.
kel (5:59:08 PM): yeah I suppose. Unless you hit it in her boob or something.
me (5:59:33 PM): Vertical slot-loading drive in between them
kel (5:59:46 PM): that could work
me (6:01:11 PM): It's a good thing I'm broke...otherwise I might fall into that trap of trying to do it just to see if it can be done. heh
kel (6:01:42 PM): Ha yeah. Better to stick to modding cheap things for now
me (6:02:45 PM): Besides...the whole thing rates WAY too high on my creepy scale for me to actually do. heh
kel (6:02:52 PM): That's also a factor
me (6:03:19 PM): And this needs to go into LJ. heh

Oh...and the part about it being "fully functional" was meant as a joke...even though I'm sure it would be one of the first things that many people who would follow this idea would do. heh