Feb. 23rd, 2012 03:37 pm
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Yes, I'm still alive. Who knows...maybe I'll even post occasionally.

Doubtful though. I've moved the Whiskey Tango Foxtrot News Division over to my Facebook page since most links are able to be shared right from the page. lol
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Dear PSP, I'm sorry all the developers and even Sony itself appear to be neglecting you...despite having better graphics, better sound, more functionality, and being a hackers dream. If I want to watch a video that isn't on my computer, I'd rather watch it on a PSP than my iPod video. Admittedly, with a few exceptions, I've probably spent more time playing PSP games than I have DS games. (Of course, this is probably because UMD media can hold alot more than the DS cards.) You got snubbed by Square yet again....Rebirth has been pushed back to 2010-2011. On the other hand...once your newest version comes out and people don't need the UMDs anymore, maybe developers will start actually putting stuff out for you again. (And gamers won't have to haul tons of cases around for games. Not to mention the media card games are generally faster than the UMD versions)

Babylon AD

Aug. 4th, 2009 11:57 pm
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Well...that movie was truly disappointing. It looks like originally there was a good story there....until the editors got to it. heh Overall it was decent...but it actually COULD have been a good movie. Too many scenes were just spliced together randomly....and then the ending was just total crap.

Oh...and there are Pokemon on Face Book.
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Not only did I sign up for Facebook...I actually used my REAL name. heh I know...that's a strange concept for me. (Of course, if you've seen my profile there, you'll probably guess that I'm probably not likely to take it too seriously and it will probably be like MySpace...something I update periodically...once every couple years. heh)

I may have signed up for Facebook...but I am NEVER, EVER signing up for Twitter.


Jul. 27th, 2009 08:47 pm
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Surprisingly...the Chun Li movie was actually halfways decent. Of course, given where the bar had been set for it...the original Street Fighter movie...the second Mortal Kombat movie...it's not surprising that it was better than anticipated. heh
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They were old, but still. heh
Serenity Bebop: Funny
One Piece MPAA Parody: Absolutely fscking hilarious
Evangelion: ReDeath: Still funny, no matter what [livejournal.com profile] ramothhe thinks. (Note: Link goes to the original version, ReDeath ReDux isn't on YouTube yet.)
Pokemon "Big Balls": Ok, so it's part of Redeath...but it deserves its own mention. heh
Gendo's Theme: Also worth pointing out on its own...this version IS from ReDux

Missed Nescaflowne....again...still want to see that one again. It's not on YouTube yet either.
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Who would've thought it....Thermite + Ice == VERY big explosion: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BnHR4cMXiyM

Not entirely sure why it does it...but it must split the Hydrogen and Oxygen somehow which would create more fuel for the explosion.
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This conversation started as a result of this PC mod.

I'm not sure what is more disturbing and/or creepy...the original idea...or the fact that within the course of 20 minutes I had though of ways to "improve" on it.

Cut for Sanity )
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Stardust has the best fight scene ever.

That is all.
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Am I the only one who thinks that Twitter is absolutely retarded? Prime example of Twitter use

Seriously though, why on earth would I be bothered to update that crap? First off...nobody really cares. Secondly, why flood LiveJournal with it? That's just fscking annoying.

At least it isn't a virus trap like FaceBook. (Came across the 3rd computer in the last month which had one of the FaceBook viruses on it today.) As a kindness to your IT department, or to your own sanity if you use your own computer: If you're going to waste your time with FaceBook...remember...NEVER install ANY of the applications. If it tells you that you need to install something, close out the window and don't click the link again.

(No, I'm not going to lie and say that a real update will be coming soon...because I'm not going to bother.)
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First off...Lord Zed is now on my friends list on MySpace. That's just cool. heh

I wish I got to keep the toy I have at my apartment right now. It's a Mac Mini with VMWare Fusion, an aluminum mac keyboard and mighty mouse. Basically I am going to have to do a training on using a Mac and Keynote, so they let me bring it home for a few days so I can get a crash course in using it.
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Ok, let me just preface this by saying that I read the manga first. That probably affected my view of the anime...both of them.

Rosario + Vampire

Status: Anime is Unlicensed, Manga is licensed by Viz
Length: Anime is 13 episodes, Manga is 10 volumes
Studio: Gonzo
Good Points:
The characters look pretty much the same as they did in the manga and have pretty much the same personalities. Tomokazu Seki does the voice of Gin-sempai...the perverted werewolf. heh Some of the original story arcs were done fairly well...even if they were changed a bit. (ok...most of them were changed ALOT.) The music is pretty good, though not anywhere NEAR as good as Capu 2. There are some REALLY good CG scenes.

Bad Points: They basically chopped all 10 volumes into 13 episodes which have VERY little to do with the original story arcs. It kinda becomes a "Monster Battle of the Week" thing...with a little bat timing the fights. They basically turned it into a fairly brain-dead version of itself. Seriously...in the manga...Moka's skirt doesn't magically get shorter and her boobs magically get bigger every time she transforms...it's only her personality that changes. (I swear to god the first time it happened I couldn't help going "Magical Girl Transformation sequence...GO!") Ruby's story completely changes, while Mizore's changes slightly. It also really just seem to degrade to nothing but a harem anime. Tsukune's powers never REALLY activate in this series. The student police story arc is cut to hell and changed dramatically. The story arc for the barrier was moved to Capu 2 and completely changed. (The only thing that remained the same was that the barrier started breaking.) Gratuitous panty shots.

Overall Rating: B- Even though it was pretty different, it was still fun.

Rosario + Vampire Capu 2
Status: Anime is Unlicensed
Length: Anime is 13 episodes
Studio: Gonzo
Good Points: Better music than the first season. The opening (Discotheque) is better than the opening from season 1, and one of the few places where Gonzo shows off their usual CG skills. There are also alot of character songs in this one. For several episodes straight there's at least one musical number in each episode....with one episode having both Mizore and Kurumu singing a song each. There are a couple episodes that ALMOST match story arcs from the either of the manga series. The way that they wrapped up the anime was at least interesting, even if it isn't at all connected to the manga. (At least...not that they've shown so far...but it is still going on so they may get to it eventually.)

Bad Points: The song-an-episode thing got old since it was pretty much PURE filler. It's like they couldn't think of a good way to fill in the time, so they decided to just throw in a song instead of something like...ya know...PLOT or story development. This season continued the first season's tradition of not having a fully developed, cohesive storyline. Still a ton of gratuitous panty shots....though see the note below.

Overall Rating: B Again, it was still fun...and the music was really good.

Side Notes:
1) Capu 2 is NOT based off Rosario Vampire II. It's more like various bits left over from the first series. If they do decide to translate the second manga series into an anime...well...they may just totally forget about the first series and just go straight into the second with maybe one episode dedicated to showing how Tsukune ended up the way he is.

2) The broadcast episodes are censored with little bats and bears to cover the panty shots. It has been said that the DVD release will be uncensored. heh
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As I was adding to the list of character "plots" on her journal, I relized that there are only a handful of storylines that exist in X-men titles

a) Jean gets brought back from the dead
b) Wolverine gets a new back story
c) some other random character gets a new back story that has a major impact on the current clusterf....errr....timeline
d) <insert character name here> is actually an imposter
e) <insert character name here> obtains massive power and goes crazy, threatening to <adjective> <place> (This also inevitably leads back to d)
f) <insert dead villain name here> is no longer dead
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Because it's obvious that the world is going to end on 12/21/2012. heh
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If anyone here is having problems with their computer doing one of the following things, let me know:

1) Unable to update anti-virus or anti-spyware definitions
2) Unable to access antivirus or anti-spyware websites
3) Search results being redirected to other sites

If you are, please include if you had been using any Yahoo products around the time that you first started having problems.

I'm trying to track something and see how big of an issue this nasty little bug is going to be at work.

I Passed!

Nov. 8th, 2008 12:08 am
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I've passed the first of the exams for MCSE...the Windows XP exam (70-270) with a score of 873. (700 is a passing score)

One test down...several more to go.
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So far, these are the only 2 clips from the cosplay dating game. (Warning, due to language they are NOT work safe...hey...it was an 18+ Panel)


That was so much fun, hopefully someone will be able to post more clips of them. (Like all of it. heh) Real/Full update to come later


Aug. 4th, 2008 12:47 am
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Real update coming later...probably...
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Ramothhe: Why is there a deer hunting blind in the middle of a residential yard?
Me: I dunno, tourist season?
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